Renata Bowers

Author, Frieda B. Series of Children’s Books

Co-Founder, Frieda B., LLC



What would the world look like if all children dreamed big and believed in their stories?  It’s that single question that defines/drives the work of children’s author and speaker Renata Bowers, and the company she’s co-founded with Paula LaJoie, Frieda B., LLC.

Author of the Frieda B. series of picture books, Renata created the fictional children’s character to encourage children to dream big and believe they, too, are free to be their own one-of-a-kind, very important story.

“We each have this incredibly unique and valuable story, like a lightbulb, inside us,” Renata says.  “And so many of us either don’t know it’s there at all, or believe we’re not good enough or it’s too late to light it.  That’s nonsense.  And so, there’s Frieda.  To nudge us to believe, to dream, to flip the switch.”

Since 2010 Renata has been bringing that message to students and staff at schools, via author visits.  Renata uses the concept of story to encourage the unique intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual story within each child.  This historically has so impacted teachers and administrators that Frieda B., LLC now has developed a parallel SEL-based educator support program for schools, called Frieda B. The Whole Child.  The program provides a toolkit of resources – anchored by the Frieda B. book series – designed to help teachers coax and encourage the innate gifts and passions within each student.  Learn more at FriedaB.com/TWC.

The Frieda B. series received Gold for Best Picture Book Series from the National Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards in 2015.

Renata also is author of Good Dogs, Great Listeners, a book written in collaboration with the parents of Charlotte Bacon who lost her life at Sandy Hook School in December 2012. Learn more at GoodDogsGreatListeners.com.

Renata lives in Northern Connecticut with her husband, Dave, and their sons, Hunter and Garreth.