Full Circle

See the two boys in the window? This is the illustration from pages 28-29 of Frieda B. Herself.

In 2007 when this illustration was created, I asked the illustrator, Michael Chesworth, to put my sons, Garreth (left) and Hunter (right) in the window. I told my boys that way I could take them wherever I went. They were 6 and 8 at the time.

Today they are 20 and 22.

Hunter has just started his first year as a teacher, and today he sent a text to me with a photo of this book and a message that read, “Look what I’m reading today!!!”

I cried on the spot.

And then I wrote back, “Don’t forget to tell them you are one of the boys in the window.”

Life has its purely sweet moments. If they came too often, we wouldn’t savor them nearly as much. It’s nine hours later and I’m still glowing. #FullCircle

* * * * *

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