Reverse Resolution (i.e., the year of 5%)

Last year my New Year’s resolution was to read 100 books. I read 57. This constituted a fail.  

Except, it wasn’t. 

My sister gave me a Fitbit for Christmas. Right out of the box it wants me to do 10,000 steps a day. Yesterday I did 7,000. Which constituted a fail. 

Except, it wasn’t. 

Reading 57 books is pretty darn good for me… great even. I learned, digested, enjoyed, wrestled with the words and ideas and stories presented in 57 different books. And yesterday, I took 7,000 steps. That’s approximately 5,000 more steps than I put in any day over the holidays. 

Yet the numbers loom and make it clear… I fell short.  Can you relate? Can your child?

This morning, refusing to give ground to any doubts that tarnish my 57-and-7,000 authentic sense of accomplishment, I was moved to consider what actually failed.  And you know what?  It wasn’t the reading.  It wasn’t the walking.  It was the expectations themselves: they asked more than I reasonably would give over an extended period of time. 

This year, therefore, I am choosing to go with what I call a Reverse Resolution.  I will not set a goal at 100% and destine myself to fail and feel lousy and likely give up altogether.  I will set goals at 5%.  Because 5% every day is doable, and in all ways better than 100%-until-I-give-up.

Does this speak to your – even your child’s – buffeted resolution heart? 

If so, feel free to join me.  I’ll be the one reading, walking, and who-knows-what-else 5% better than I’ve done in the past.  

And, I’m pretty certain, I’ll be contented with my portion of success.  

* * * * *

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