Go Ahead. Dream Small. It Might Be the Biggest Thing You Do This Year.

A simple little postscript is among the things I cherish most in the entire scope of my life.  

Written to me on steno paper, at the end of a who-knows-what-prompted-it “I <3 you mom – xoxo” note from my then 8-year-old son:

“PS. Hug me when you see me next”

I have protected and preserved this sweet little note for the past ten years, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. 

Let’s be clear. What this note is not:

  • A near-perfect high school transcript
  • A state championship trophy
  • An acceptance letter from a D1 college
  • An enviable job offer
  • A fabulous new car
  • A [pick-your-athletic-endeavor] personal best
  • An accepted offer on the perfect home
  • A corner office
  • A trip to Europe
  • A million-dollar portfolio

What this note IS:

  • Authentic Love
  • Worth
  • Admiration
  • Connection
  • Inclusion
  • Relationship
  • Belonging

A little note on a piece of wrinkled steno paper might seem like a small thing. And, at face value, it is. But in the ways that count most as a human being, that little note – TO THIS DAY – speaks to one of my very greatest successes: I have a child who simply wants to love and be with me for who I am. Not for what I have or what I’ve done.

Which leads me back to a paradigm of peace and comfort I have come to adopt: Maybe the “little” things are actually the bigger dreams.   

While there is nothing inherently wrong with anything on this ^^^ list of Big Dreams, without the P.S. they’re just kind of empty. One could argue you could live well with authentic love and no yacht to call your own… but it’s unlikely the reverse is true. 

So this year, consider giving yourself the peace and permission to find your biggest dreams in the smallest, sweetest, most authentic places.  

Go find your P.S.  It might be the biggest, bestest thing you do all year.

You can hug me when you see me next.  


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