Does Your Dream Scare You? That’s as it Should Be. Step Anyway.

We all have a dream woven into our very fiber. Each of us carries within us the wiring to accomplish something good, for the greater good. We might need to take some time to truly contemplate what that dream is, who it’s for, why it’s there. But make no mistake: it is there. And make-no-mistake #2? Every person who’s ever lived out his/her dream has had to push beyond the boundary of fear. 

It’s universally true. Our dreams require – yes, demand – us to push beyond our fears. If we’re not scared when it comes time to stepping into that dream, it’s likely not the right one.

My dream scares me. Almost daily. I’m grateful for the people who have come alongside me and have told me that is as it should be, and have pushed me to keep moving forward, sometimes blindly, with nothing but faith and a desire in my heart.  

I consider: As scary as this is, do I want to live without pursuing the desire on my heart, without finding out what it can be, can do? Put that simply, I confidently answer: No. 

And so, I step. One step at a time. One day at a time. And I trust that my dream will lead me, even through the rocks and the dark and the salt of it all. 

Consider this piece of writing I just came across, written by a woman at the end of her life: 

“If I had my life to live over, I’d dare to make more mistakes next time. I’d relax. I’d limber up. I’d be sillier than I’ve been on this trip.  I’d take fewer things seriously. I’d take more chances. I’d climb more mountains and swim more rivers. I’d eat more ice cream and fewer beans. I’d have perhaps more real troubles, and fewer imaginary ones.  You see, I’m one of those people who’s lived sensibly and sanely hour after hour, day after day.  I’ve had my moments, but if I had it to do all over again, I’d have more of them. In fact, I’d try to do nothing else than try to have moments, one after another, instead of living so many years ahead of time. I’ve been one of those people who never goes anywhere without a hot water bottle, rain coat and parachute. If I had it to do all over again, I’d travel lighter next time. I’d start barefoot earlier in the Spring and stay that way later in the Autumn. I’d go to more dinners, I’d ride more merry-go-rounds, I’d pick more daisies.”  (Anonymous)

Don’t let the fear of chasing your dream keep you from moving into it. Find your dream, face it, choose it. Surround yourself with people who will believe it with you, every step, even when those steps are surrounded by darkness and the unknown. Because they will be.

Step forward. Believe that your dream knows its way, and that, by being brave and resilient, you will weave a story that makes the world a better place for you, all who know you, all who will come after you.   

Because that’s what each of us is destined to do, if only we each dare to believe it to be true. 


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