So Much More Than an Internship – a Guest Blog by Jenn Godaire

After struggling for many months to find the perfect internship, I was contacted by a little family-run company called Frieda B., LLC. I was immediately interested and hopeful that I would land this opportunity, but I never knew just how life-changing this partnership would be.

In the last year, I have struggled immensely with a variety of personal complications. Anxiety has bubbled up within me and I have begun to question most of my choices and internal feelings. Becoming a part of the Frieda B. family has been exactly what I needed to help me battle these internal conflicts.

The lessons and teaching associated with this company have changed my viewpoint on life and encouraged me to look at the way our world functions in a completely different light. I have become more forgiving, understanding, and self-driven. I am encouraged to take on life with a strong sense of internal strength and potential. When posed with the anxieties of life, I am now inclined to take them on headfirst and do so with the best intentions. My goals have gotten larger and in doing so, I have grown my story to be something that I never believed could be possible, until I was touched by the messages given through Frieda B.

Frieda B. taught me that I am capable of so much more than I could ever imagine. I have been able to hone in on my special God-given gifts and use those tools to better my life and the lives of those around me. I have grown to see my worth both professionally and personally. Along with these amazing evolutions, story has become such an essential part of my life because I now understand and appreciate the story within myself, as well as within others. 

This company and the work being done by Renata, Paula, and their two husbands is enriching, heartwarming, and utterly transformational. The messages portrayed through Frieda B. are not just driven toward children, but they are meaningful for people of all shapes and sizes. Rather than trying to find a specific category for these books and messages, I believe that it would be most beneficial to see the depth they can achieve throughout our nation and the billions of stories that it is made up of, and use that to encourage and enrich the story within ourselves and those around us. 

  • Note from Renata: Jennifer Godaire is a Junior at Bay Path University, earning a double major in Marketing and Business Administration, while simultaneously working toward a Masters in Communications. She joined Frieda B., LLC this past semester as an intern, and it amazed me how significantly the Whole Child approach to working with children impacted her as a Millennial. So encouraging to see how SEEING the story within someone of any age has profound effects. And she has been a gift to us. Her gifts of organization, creativity, planning, and joy have been a true blessing to us and our work. Thank you, Jenn, for sharing your story with us.


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