You are Worth Infinitely More than a Screen

You see them all around you… screens that are big, medium, small. And they must be very important, right? Because you see them everywhere.

My dear child, I want you to know this very important truth: Not one screen ever will be smarter, brighter, more thoughtful, more fun to be with than you. You, dear one, are infinitely more. To me, to the world.

Do you know what infinitely means? It means to have no end. So what I want you to know is that there is no end to which you are smarter, brighter, more thoughtful and more fun to be with than any of the many screens you see all around you.

Oh yes, they can be very useful. So there are times when screens are good to have around.

But you, my dear, are a wonder with which screens cannot, and never will be able to, compete. Your laugh, the way your eyes and mind seek and observe the world around you, the words you choose, your hands creating, your legs running, skipping, hopping. YOU. Sweet, complex, wonderful YOU. Of which there is only one in the entire world, for all time.

There are a gajillion screens, all cranked out in some factory, one just like another.

But you. There is no one like you. And there is no one like me. And there are no two people just like us, together.

I promise to always help you to remember this. Because I believe it is very, very, very important. I will help you to know that you – and every other person on earth – are worth infinitely more than a screen.

So let’s you and I, every day, find as much time as we can for just you, just me, just us, just others. No screens allowed.

Because it might sound silly, but I’m quite certain the world needs us to do just that. I’m quite certain it will make us heroes of the most special kind.

*This is the seventh in a “My Dear Child” series of letters I’ve written to speak directly to the heart of a child… validating worth and encouraging story. I hope these letters speak to you and the children you love. 

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