Because a Slice of Summer Can Do That.

Yesterday I grabbed the watering can and headed out the back door. Routine.

But this unexpected amazing floral sweetness greeted me. It was something upwind in full delicious bloom, being carried on a current and blessing everything in its path. And instinctively I stopped.  I closed my eyes, breathed in deeply, smiled, tilted my head toward the sun. And suddenly I was eight. In my swimsuit, rinsing off with the garden hose in the backyard after a day at the beach. It smelled just like that.

And that little sliver of summer, it changed the way I moved through the rest of my day.  No kidding.

I still had the same to-do list as the one I woke up with… But, I opened the window near my desk as I worked.  I sliced a fresh tomato on my sandwich for lunch, mixed up a tall glass of lemonade to go with it. I opened the sun roof on my Jeep on my way to the store. I wore sunglasses. I bought local sweet corn for dinner, and fresh peaches. I opened the kitchen windows and belted Doris Day as I made my mom’s super-easy recipe for fruit cobbler. I made myself an iced coffee as I cleaned up the kitchen. And we ate peach cobbler and ice cream when the sun went down.

Was it a routine day? Yes.  Only better.  Because a slice of summer can do that… it can flavor your mindset and help you to add and celebrate all kinds of little wonders along the way of your routine day.


This year I’m not waiting for seven days of vacation to enjoy Summer.  I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy Summer every day by intentionally inviting at least one or two slices of summer into my routine days, and allowing them to work their magic.

Join me??

If so, here’s a list to get us started… Add slices of your own:

*Wear summer-specific pjs

*Sleep with the fan on

*Get up early and spend 15 minutes sitting facing the sun

*Keep a pitcher of lemonade or sweet tea in the fridge

*Pick fresh flowers – even dandelions – and put them in a jar or vase

*Wear sunscreen like perfume

*Buy your fruits and veggies from farm stands

*Take a walk or a quick spin on your bike


*Go berry-picking… even just a pint

*Seek out a free community concert

*Buy and fly a kite

*Blow bubbles

*Eat lunch on the lawn, on a blanket

*String white lights wherever you can sit outside at night

*Eat strawberries and ice cream and catch fireflies


Do any/all/more of these with the kids you love, whenever possible.



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