My Dear Child: Enjoy Childhood

Squeeze every last moment, every romp and giggle out of childhood. Wake up every morning eager to tackle whatever you can dream up.  And tackle it.  With both hands and your whole heart.

What can you do today with a box of crayons?  A bucket of Hot Wheels and three cardboard boxes?  Can that tree be climbed?  That city in your head be built entirely of cereal boxes and tin cans?

Sometimes, you look up, and you notice the clothes and the cars and the big world of big people… and you wonder if maybe you want or need those clothes and cars and that big world right now.

But I want you to know something really important: That world very much needs for you to dive into and explore every single moment of your childhood.  Because that city of boxes and cans, those dreams in your head? Someday they’ll make the big world a better place.

And if you grow up too quickly, well, you and I and the whole world will miss out.  So dream big, dear child, and play… and in doing so, may you uncover the gifts only you can give to the world.

*This is the sixth in a “My Dear Child” series of letters I’ve written to speak directly to the heart of a child… validating worth and encouraging story. I hope these letters speak to you and the children you love. 

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