My Dear Child: Be Peaceful

Look for peace, all around you.  Find it in the rush of wind that makes the trees talk… the snow that silently falls from the heavens and blankets everything in white… the green that pushes up out of the earth with the first warm rays of sun.

Find it in music, stories, heroes. Find it in the love and the strength of those who make you feel loved and safe.

Seek peace.  Notice it.  Invite it in.

Then, give it away to others as only you can.  A smile to someone who has no smiles left.  A hug to someone who has been hurt.  A friend to someone who has none.

Use what you love to give love to others.  I’ll join you.  And together, you and I, we’ll find our own unique ways to add peace to the world.  Because that, indeed, is a very good and important and wonderful thing for us to do.


*This is the third in a “My Dear Child” series of letters I’ve written to speak directly to the heart of a child… validating worth and encouraging story. I hope these letters speak to you and the children you love. 

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