My Dear Child: Play

With all the air in your lungs and all the strength in your legs.  Explore the world around you – your world – what makes your heart skip and your curiosity spark.  Climb, dig, dive, run, chase.

Skip rocks.  Build towers as high as you dare, then let them fall.  And build them again, only better, different.  Castles for the knights and princesses that show up in your dreams. Serve them tea.

Never pass by a swing without taking at least one trip to the moon.  Always make time for a trip to the moon.  And take the slide on your way back to earth.   It’s not only the fastest route, it’s the most fun.  And fun matters.  A lot.

Play with all your heart.  Get lost in what you love.  I will be here to protect and defend that precious world you’re created to explore.  And upon each of your returns, I’ll be waiting.  With cake.

Two slices.

*This is the second in a “My Dear Child” series of letters I’ve written to speak directly to the heart of a child… validating worth and encouraging story. I hope these letters speak to you and the children you love. 

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